Security Cameras

Infinova's V1700M / V1700S series represents a state-of-the-art line of indoor/outdoor, in-ceiling and bracket mount Fiber Optic Pan, Tilt, Zoom Dome cameras. This leading PTZ dome system is an ideal product for the changing environment that is todayā€™s security industry.
As with Infinova's standard PTZ domes, users can choose between 18x12, 22x12, 23x12, 26x12 and 35x12 optical/ digital zoom, ensuring their ability to find the right camera for their project. Digital Signal Processing technology provides enhanced clarity, color and detail, with the day/night camera; usable images can be delivered even in extremely low light conditions. Separate definable privacy zones can be set by administrators to prevent users from viewing restricted areas. The PTZ dome's direction indicators; which can be displayed on the monitor, denote the direction in which it is moving.

Infinovaā€™s V1462F series fixed, high resolution color fixed dome cameras provide discreet video surveillance or up-close viewing for virtually any indoor location. They are highly compact, CCD color cameras that feature a 2.6~6 mm or 4.0~9 mm vari-focal lens. These dome cameras are designed with advanced digital processing circuitry and high resolution 1/3ā€¯ color interline transfer CCD sensor. They have a DIP switch for Auto Gain Control (AGC) and Back Light Compensation (BLC) selection. They also have an iris gain control for optical imaging.

Infinova V1491 Series Integrated Pan/Tilt Camera enclosure is a single, easy-to-install system. It can be equipped with standard cameras and zoom lenses.

Infinovaā€™s V1421 series are designed to operate in unique installations such as marine, industrial, chemical and in highly corrosive environments. The 316L stainless steel construction complies with weather proof IP68 standards. The V1421 housing series has a set of factory installed accessories that include a sunshield and heater. Input power is 24 or 230 VAC.

  • Color camera with SONY 1/3ā€¯ Super/Hi-Res. HAD CCD sensor in Waterproof metal case
  • Employs Digital Signal Processor (DSP) for image control (for V1043/W only)
  • Robust built-in 12 of Infrared LEDs for low illumination environment
  • Effective range for projection distance is up to 10m
  • Long life luminary with using special wavelength Infrared LED
  • High sensitivity, low smear, excellent anti-blooming, and high S/N ratio
  • Auto Electronic Shutter (AES), Auto Gain Control (AGC), Auto White Balance (AWB)
  • Economical solution, Includes Board Lens and furnished with mounting bracket
  • Plug & Play. Installs easily and is suitable DIY (Do It by Yourself)
  • Built-in environment illumination detection and control circuit that can turn-on/off the infrared illuminant automatically
  • Single power and signal connecting cable
  • DC type power request, low power consumption
  • Waterproofing criterion: IP67

The V3010 Series utilizes the latest advancements in information technology, such as high-quality video/audio compression, large-scale Hard Drive capabilities and TCP/IP networking to produce the industryā€™s most reliable and most flexible Network Digital Video Recorder. The V3010 Series Network Digital Video Recorder is designed for the world of industrial security, both large and small-scale projects. Configurations from 4 to 16 channels of video are available to meet the requirements of any system.