Mobile Computing

The WORKABOUT PRO is a flexible, programmable and expandable portable data collection terminal, designed for a range of data collection needs. It is available with either Windows Mobile 2003 SE or Windows CE .NET configurations. The WORKABOUT PRO delivers the performance, ruggedness and durability required for mobile data collection in an ergonomic package. Using industry standards, our design ensures ease of integration with your infrastructure. Unparalleled expansion and connectivity options enable a high degree of customization in order that the WORKABOUT PRO can be tailored to your application.

The WORKABOUT PRO represents the most flexible yet rugged handheld computer. Its "do-it-yourself" upgradeability makes it an ideal choice for customers with ever changing requirements. Because of its superior flexibility and durability, the WORKABOUT PRO has proven successful in a variety of market applications including Field Service, Courier / Delivery, Asset Tracking, Meter Reading, Ticketing, Retail, Livestock Tracking, Warehousing, and Manufacturing; and the list continues to grow.
The second generation WORKABOUT PRO, more rugged and more feature-rich than its predecessor, enables you to significantly change the wireless handheld device in the field, as your work requirements evolve over time.

The 8515 Vehicle-Mount computer is a full feature set computer packed in a compact, lightweight frame. It’s ideal for forklift vehicles and trucks with limited mounting options. Your company can gain improved efficiencies with the versatile 8515. The 8515 offers unique, optional features such as Psion Teklogix Mobile Control Center (MCC), which enables the deployment and ongoing management of mobile devices and their peripherals remotely and securely.

The 8525 G2 is a Windows CE .NET based forklift computer engineered to deliver maximum performance, ruggedness and durability in the harshest mobile environments, whether outdoors or indoors. The 8525 G2 is designed to deliver Flexibility, Integration, Ruggedness, Ergonomics (FIRE) day-in and day-out. The 8525 G2 can also be configured to operate in Intense and Cold Environments (ICE). Add to this, robust expansion and connectivity options, and it is easy to see why the 8525 G2 is the choice for use in rugged environments like warehouses, freezers, ports, yards and wide-area mobile applications. The 8525 G2 is industry standards-based to ensure easy integration with your infrastructure.