PWinLink™ 1000 products are carrier-class, high capacity and extremely competitive point-to-point solutions. Packing legacy TDM and Ethernet services over 2.3 - 2.7 GHz and 4.9 -5.95 GHz spectrum bands, the WinLink™ 1000 products comply with worldwide standards and regulations including FCC and ETSI.
WinLink™ 1000 products provide high capacity connectivity of up to 48 Mbps, high range of up to 80km/50 mi, and rapid deployment of E1/T1s and Ethernet links at a fraction of the cost of leased lines or fiber.

WinLink™ 1000 Access offers carrier-class wireless Ethernet access at the most competitive price in the market. Based on the industry-leading WinLink™ 1000 platform, WinLink™ 1000 Access provides guaranteed full duplex 2 Mbps symmetrical Ethernet connectivity at a range of up to 20 Km, even in interference-ridden environments. WinLink™ 1000 Access is especially designed for multi-point-to-point topologies, enabling operators to provide a dedicated channel and guaranteed bandwidth to their customers.
WinLink™ 1000 Access comes with a unique Hub Site Synchronization (HSS) feature that enables installation of multiple WinLink™ 1000 Access units at the same site. This feature synchronizes the transmission of collocated Winlink™ 1000 radios, dramatically reducing mutual interference commonly experienced with collocated TDD radios.